Explore – Learn – Discover

We would like Nordic Style Coffee to become a meeting place for people who are passionate about coffee. 

We are constantly exploring new coffees and what makes them good. We believe in curiosity, learning, and the joy of discovery, whether you are joining us at the bar, using our app, or brewing at home.

The team

The Nordic Style Coffee team consists of coffee enthusiasts from different backgrounds and experiences. From baristas to passionate home brewers. Our work experience varies from designers to developers to coffee professionals which has proved to be the perfect breeding ground for this project where the handicraft meets data and digital services.

person holding coffee mug with black coffee

Why we do it

We love to drink coffee… talk about coffee… learn about coffee – especially Nordic style. We are also curious and we like to create new things. This is why we do what we do. Our drive stems from creating products we are missing. We experienced a lack of means to keep track of what coffee we had been drinking and what we actually had liked over time. The idea of creating a digital coffee journal where we could use data to provide interesting insight about our coffee consumption was born from that experience.

cup of coffee on saucer with teaspoon on pink tabletop

Join the movement

Stay updated by following us on Instagram to get the latest on the Coffee of the Week, coffee cuppings and events.

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Every week we pick a new coffee from the Nordic coffee arena

The coffee is served in our coffee bar.
The coffee is sent to the Club members.
The coffee is in focus in our app.

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