Tim Wendelboe

We are starting a new week and what a week we will have!

We filled up the shelf and brewers with an elegant and clean coffee from Tim Wendelboe in Oslo. The coffee will be soft and sweet and give us plenty of stonefruit and delicate florals. 


This Monday we have some natural Ethiopian coffee from Gringo coffee roasters. Classic and delicious notes of apricot, jasmine and black tea. Try it hot or cold or both? Our summer menu is in full swing!

Bag of speciality coffee from Gringo Nordic Coffee Roasters on a counter

Dada Coffee

New week, new coffee! This week we have a tasty honey processed Pacamara from Dada Coffee in Stockholm. A quite unique roastery, as they say: the roastery is the extension of the family owned farms in El Salvador. This means Dada controls the whole chain themselves- from bean to cup. Sweet, complex and just a little funky! 

Bag of speciality coffee from Dada Coffee on a counter


It might say June in the calendar but it is definitely April in the Nordic Style Coffee bar this week! We are brewing a Colombian Tabi variety. A beautifully complex and fruity coffee with structured acidity and a velvety mouthfeel. We are brewing it all week and got a couple of boxes on the shelf for you!

See you around!

Box of specialty coffee from April roastery on counter


This week we are trying something a little unusual! We have a Kenya with SL 28, Ruiru and Batian roasted at Kafferäven. Common variety mix but most of the time you find them and Kenyan coffee in general to be washed– not this one, it's a natural! Really interesting with notes of wine gums, almond liqueur and a bright acidity. 

Bag of specialty coffee from Kafferäven roastery on a counter

Standout coffee

This week we have a real treat in the bar for you! A fruit packed dream from Standout coffee. What is it you may ask?– It’s a double anaerobically fermented hot and cold washed Aji B variety, of course. Make sure to pop down and try it!

Bag of specialty coffee from Standout coffee roastery on a counter


We are back with a new week! And new delicious coffee. Today it’s a Parainema from Honduras roasted at Slöinge kafferosteri. If you like sweet and acidic in perfect balance, this is the coffee for you. Nougat with zesty lime and green apple in a cup!

See you around!

Bag of speciality coffee from Slöinge roastery on a counter

Coffee Collective

It’s Monday again and we’re back with some delicious coffee!

Today we are provided with a clean, bright and fruity cup by coffeecollective. It’s a mix of varieties Pink Bourbon, Geisha and Caturra. This variety mix gives us notes of sweet mandarin and elderflower. Should make for a pretty delicious V60 right?

Bag of specialty coffee from Coffee Collective roastery on a counter


This is not a regular Monday – we have a Nordic Style Coffee fist! This week we are serving and selling coffee from @kaffibrugghusid from Reykjavik, Iceland. It is actually the first time we have icelandic coffee in the bar but it won't be the last.

The coffee is a bit unusual being Kenyan varieties SL28 and SL34 grown in El Salvador. Produced by @Aida Batlle, renowned coffee producer with numerous, including multiple Cup of Excellence. Stop by for a  cup or get your hand on a bag this week!

Bag of specialty coffee from Kaffibrugghusid roastery on a counter

Costas of Sweden

This week we have the great pleasure of having @Costas of Sweden back in the house. This time the Umeå based roastery is supplying us with a natural Ethiopian. It’s packed with fresh fruity flavors, jammy sweetness and a tea-like finish. As always available as hand brews, espresso and batch brew. 

Bag of specialty coffee from Costas of Sweden roastery on a counter

Good Life Coffee

Finally back with the usual Monday business again, however the coffee is as always everything but “the usual”. This week we are happy to brew @goodlifecoffee. These guys are from Helsinki, Finland and of course we can't forget to mention that they brought home the title of Nordics best roaster 2024 at @nordiccoffeefest in February. The coffee is a citrusy, sweet yet fresh coffee from Colombia!

Good life coffee bag of specialty coffee on a counter

La Cabra

It’s Monday and even though we’re closed today we have of course stocked up with some great coffee this week. So tomorrow Tuesday and the rest of the week we’ll be serving a coffee from @lacabra in Denmark. It’s a washed Pacas produced by Pedro Sagastume in Honduras. Fresh and complex with notes of blackberry, rhubarb and chocolate.
Stop by and grab a cup and a box for brewing at home!

La Cabra coffee bag of specialty coffee on a counter.


Aaand it’s Monday again! We’re brewing a natural Ethiopian from @ritucoffee in Gothenburg, Sweden. It’s sweet, fruity and with just a hint of black tea! The yellow bags are perfectly festive for this Easter week, don't you think?

Bag of specialty coffee on a counter


This week @Koppi is back in the house and we’re happy to have them! The coffee is a red honey produced by the Aponte Community at the Galeras Volcano. There is a lot of history in this area- everything from the Incas to illegal poppy plantations to the new culture of growing delicious coffee!! The volcano ashes in the soil gives this Caturra its characteristic sweetness and complexity. We’ll be brewing it all week on all of our brewing methods!


This week we got something special lined up for you!
In case you missed it, there was the National Swedish Coffee competitions the other weekend and we just couldn’t resist getting the coffee our co worker @coffeebywide competed with.

This geisha has gone through a 96 hour anaerobic fermentation, followed by 15 days honey process leaving us with a deliciously elegant, peachy and floral coffee. Roasted at @swerl_coffee_roasters in Falkenberg Sweden. Poduced by Juan Felipe Ocampo in Colombia.

Stop by to get yourself a little piece of Brewers cup in your cup!

Swerl coffee bag


It must be Monday because there is new coffee in the Nordic Style Coffee bar! This week we have a funky and fruity dream from Prolog in Copenhagen, Denmark. It might be March but sipping on this will make you think of summertime, sweet stone fruit and tangy raspberries.

Try it as espresso or V60… or both?

Prolog coffee bag

Drop Coffee

And we’re back from the weekend turning on the machines to brew a delicious washed Java from Honduras, produced by the Mierischs family and roasted at Drop Coffee in Stockholm, Sweden. It’s a sweet and complex coffee with both florals and some hits of pink peppercorn. Pretty interesting right? Pop by the coffee bar and try it!

Drop Coffee coffee bag


It’s Monday! New week and new coffee in the bar. This week we’re brewing a clean and fruity Burundi coffee from @frukt.coffee in Turku Finland. As printed on the bag– Exciting coffee. As usual brewed with V60, aeropress, batch brew and espresso.


Monday again! As usual we’ve filled up the shelf with new coffee. This week from @Fuglenroastary in Oslo, Norway. They are supplying us with a delicious natural Ethiopian heirloom coffee. Well- balanced with sweet fruit and a tea like finish. We can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

Standout coffee

We got something real good for you this week. @Standoutcoffee is supplying us with a bright, juicy Kenyan. Fully washed SL 28, SL34, Ruiru 11 and Batian makes for a really good cup. Come by this week to try it on V60 or maybe as espresso? And get your hands on a jar of beans!

Standout coffee coffee bag

Coffee Collective

Monday- Here we go again! This week @coffeecollectif is supplying us with some excellent beans. A washed Guatemala with loads of sweet citrus fruit and toffee.

Coffee Collective coffee bag

Swerl Coffee Roasters

Finally Monday! And @swerl_coffee_roasters is providing some delicious red honey processed red Catuai. We’ll be brewing it all week! Stop by to try it as espresso, V60 or one of our other brewing methods. Vibrant and elegant, with loads of fruit.

Swerl coffee bag

Muttley & Jack's Coffee Roasters

Another monday- another coffee. But not just any old coffee! This week we have a washed Blue mountain K3 from DR Congo. Roasted by @muttley.and.jack . It’s an exciting cup with bright and sweet flavors.

Muttley & Jack's Coffee Roasters coffee bag

Morgon coffee roasters

New year- new coffee. We are closed today but just as every Monday last year and the year to come we’ll still present you with a new coffee. We’ll be ready to serve espresso, V60, aeropress and batch brew tomorrow 2/1 at 8.00 sharp!

Starting this year with a citrusy washed heirloom with an earl gray finish from @morgoncoffeeroasters , what could be better?

Morgon coffee roasters coffee bag

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